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Due to increased demand we are now only taking on select residential projects.

Our specialty is design consulting and building for commercial clients for residential purposes.

These include but are not limited to: multi unit developments, workers accomodation, tourist accomodation, and apartments.


This house display was our award winning exhibit at The Melbourne Home Show 2019.

This design is a stylish self-contained studio apartment. 


The Port would make a great little holiday home, it sacrifices a little bit of space for a more luxurious finish.


This house design is perfect for self-contained cabin accommodation.

We have specially designed this house to make the most effective use of every square metre; there is no space wasted.

This Nautic is a great example of showing you don’t need a large house to feel comfortable. This little house packs a lot of punch in a small space!


This design is perfect for a small family requiring a bit more space, but conscious of energy efficiency.

The Voyage features segregated living zones with a large open-plan living space downstairs opening to the alfresco, and bedrooms upstairs.


The cantilever conveniently provides cover for a carport at one end and alfresco at the other.