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Initial Planning


The early stages involve meetings with our architectural design team. Ideas are bounced around and concept plans are formed based on your brief, budget and our site analysis. All documentation requirements for the project are reviewed including possible planning permit application.


Design Stage

The concept plans are developed further upon follow up consultation meetings. In collaboration with you and the design team, the selection of materials, fittings and fixtures are finalised and presented. Simultaneously, contract drawings and contracts are being prepared for building permit approval.


Initial Build

Construction commences off-site within the controlled environment of our undercover and enclosed warehouse. Depending on the complexity of the build the external and internal finishes are completed including all the internal joinery, fittings and fixtures. Simultaneously, the site works commence and is prepared to receive delivery of the new building.


Transporting On-Site


Upon completion of the building works within the warehouse, the modules are transported separately on-site and are carefully assembled bringing the project to life.


Final Completion


Final building works are completed on-site with the connection of required services finalised. A ‘Quality Assurance Inspection’ is undertaken to ensure the project is completed to the highest standards. Upon receipt of the Certificate of Occupancy, the building is fit for living in and the handover of the keys takes place.

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jmb modular builder australian construction awards offsite prefab innovative design

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jmb modular builder australian construction awards architectural prefab innovative design
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