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What Is Your Expected Build Time?

Depending on the complexity of the build and site conditions, the entire project timeline may be reduced as much as 50% compared to an equivalent traditional build. This is achieved by overlapping the construction work with site works and any documentation, planning or permit requirements, not required before construction. This will significantly speed up the overall timeframe from contract signing to handover.


Can I Create My Own Custom Design?

You can choose from our own house designs, or you can collaborate with our design team to create your own unique project. The options are endless, from external cladding to interior finishes, we won't limit your creativity.




Are Transport Costs Included In The Price?

Transport costs are not included until the location of the site is known and all the influencing facts are determined, such as road weight limits of bridges, road permits and obligations, size of your build for wide load restrictions and escort cars, overhead powerlines, access into the site, and terrain/slope of the site is established. We believe the cost saving and the convenience of moving into your new home sooner is far more beneficial to you.



Will I Be Able To Get A Bank Loan?

The practice of modular construction has been around for centuries so the banks will have a good understanding of what is involved. We may be able to assist and work with your bank to satisfy their requirements in relation to the build.

See Payment Plan page.




Will I Need A Permit?

All projects will require a building permit and we will arrange the building permit application. Not all projects will require a planning permit however if required we offer a planning application service so you can benefit from less stress and more free time.




Where Do You Transport?

We do not place any restrictions on travel. Each project is assessed individually. If the freight costs fall within your budget we will service any location.




To What Building Codes Are Modular Buildings Constructed?

All our buildings are constructed and conform to the National Construction Code (NCC) and the relevant Australian Standards. All our buildings are independently certified by a structural engineer and conform to the relevant energy requirements and Bush Fire (BAL) rating.

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jmb modular builder australian construction awards offsite prefab innovative design

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jmb modular builder australian construction awards architectural prefab innovative design
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