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Want to be ‘in by Christmas’?

Builders have a reputation for NEVER sticking to their deadline when it comes to building your dream home.

What if there was a way that your home could be built in record time without delay after delay?

A large part of delays come from your local council and waiting for them to approve permits, we can blame them for everything right?

Another factor holding you back from that long awaited day where you turn the key in the lock of your brand new dream home is weather delays.

Too often we feel like the weather is against us, oh weather man why do you hate me?!

And the annoying part is this can blow out your timeline BIG TIME and builders often don’t factor enough of this in.

But what if there was a way you could eliminate this and get that home built faster than ever with next to no delays? Modular building is being recognised all over the world as the fastest way to build and waves goodbye to annoying weather delays! Your home can even be completed in up to half the time of a normal build.

I know you are thinking, how come no one ever told me this? Modular building means each building piece is constructed by builders in an undercover warehouse. Hello, no rain is going to stop this baby from coming together!

Once most of the work is done it is transported to your block and pieced together seamlessly. After only a few weeks of work left on site, and this is mostly inside finishes, it is complete…so again NO RAIN DELAYS and sticking to that deadline baby! Remember the annoying council delays I mentioned before, modular building also has a solution for this.

While waiting for council to get moving and sign that thing, the modules can already start being built in the warehouse with the right documentation.

The building permit just has to be approved before it can be transported and fixed onto your block, so you have plenty of time.

So there you have it, we might be able to get you in by Christmas after all, for real ;) Check out the timeline of a modular build vs a traditional way of building, you can see just how much time is saved going modular.

Construction timeline by JMB Modular Buildings

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